Trojan Chopping Board [Upgraded]

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Material: Bamboo
Shape: [whole bamboo board surface] classic style 34*24*1.8cm, [whole bamboo board surface] classic style 38*26*1.8cm, [whole bamboo board surface] classic style 40*30*1.8cm, [whole bamboo Board surface] classic 45*32*1.8cm, [whole bamboo board surface] classic 50*35*1.8cm, [thickened whole bamboo] upgraded version 38*26*2.2cm (standing mould proof), [thickening Whole bamboo] upgrade model 40*29*2.2cm (standing anti-mold),[thickened whole bamboo] upgrade model 45*32*2.2cm (standing anti-mold)
Classic model: 18mm thick material, upgraded carbon handle
Upgrade model: 22mm thick material, upgraded metal handle, standing design

Additional information

Weight 1070.0 kg
Dimensions 500 × 330 × 30 cm

34X24X1.8CM, 38X26X1.8CM, 40X30X1.8CM, 45X30X1.8CM, 50X35X1.8CM, 38X26X2.2CM, 40X29X2.2CM, 45X32X2.2CM


Classic style, Upgrade


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